Map Concept: ZF_Industry

This is a gravelpit style map, in the sense that there are three independently defendable points. These are survivor hold-out locations with different play styles.

A - Ammo Locations
S - Survivor Spawn
Z - Zombie Spawn

*All hold-outs have health spawns.
T - The Train Station: This is the most basic point to defend. It has small ammo spawns and only has one large entrance to defend, the north railway entrance. Where periodically, a train will come by and squash any on the tracks and briefly open up the back entrance to the zombies.
"You enter a fortified railway station that has both large doors leading to the road barricaded. The back gates for the trains has been left intact, but the front gates have been destroyed - leaving it open."

W - Warehouse:
This is the point that is best suited for fire fights and rooftop combat. It has the most ammo, with medium ammo spawns but has a) a front entrance, b) a 2nd story window entrance which scouts can jump into from the adjacent building and c) a skylight which is also accessible by scouts. This holdout location is very much based around using the abundant resources to dominate the front gate and the roof tops. Additionally, the rooftop defends (soldiers and demos) have access to supplies littered among the surrounding roofs.

M - The Mines: This is the most traditional zombie defense location. Best way of describing it would be the second point of Goldrush 1. There are two platforms in the front that act as entrances (accessible to scout zombies) and a tower similar to Point C of Gravelpit to be used by snipers to pick off zombies from the field. However, this point has no ammo at all. You must depend on occasional trips to the large ammo depot near the point. Snipers and Spies are best here, since they can kill without ammo dependency.